Scale your assets' security at an affordable price

Do away with outdated traditional penetration testing that costs you millions with little results. Use our explicit solution to strengthen and scale your assets' security 4X at an affordable price.

24*7 Security Coverage
Our crowdsourced members scan your application 24*7 to identify the undiscovered security gaps.
Program Flexibility
Our Walk-Run-Fly program concept has been tailor-made to suit our client’s current security maturity level.
Affordable pricing
Our unique Pay Per Bug (PPB) Model for the researchers puts us ahead of our competitors, as our pricing is purely result-oriented (No Bug No Pay).
Managed Solution
Run your bug bounty program with our specialized in-house security team, who work with some of the most secured organizations worldwide (like Amazon, Skyflow, PhonePe, Dream11).
0ver 150+ companies  trusted us

Don't let your security be just hunches and guesswork.

Engage the Pentabug's best in-class  security researchers from all over the world to identify the security loopholes and exploits in your production environment.

Get 4X ROI with Pentabug Solution

Old fashioned traditional penetration testing is costing you more than you think; it yields much lesser ROI since it is performed within limited resources.
Pentabug's crowd-driven penetration testing is a result-oriented security testing which is performed by highly skilled, experienced and trusted researchers from all over world. Ensuring optimum security to your assets and utter confidentiality of your information.

Let the Pentabug crowd finds real & exploitable bugs for you.

You need a result-oriented security testing that protects you from getting hacked. But you are wasting money over traditional penetration testing. Ensure the security of your infrastruture with Pentabug's premium crowd-sourced pentration testing.

Launch your responsible disclosure with one easy step and eliminate unwanted stress

Now collect the bugs from the crowd in a most responsible manner. Pentabug's responsible solution allows you to monitor all the issues at one place and ease the communication with hackers.

Pentabug Crowdsourced Red Team

Trusted Crowdsourced Security Platform-Pentabug

Know the crowd before engaging them

100% vetted and skilled community
Our 5-step onboarding process recruits the best researchers worldwide - providing a distinct advantage over open bug bounty - which engages unvetted hackers.
Trusted Crowdsourced Security
Background/ID verification of the crowd ensures the confidentiality of the client's information.
Prioritizing Quality
We onboard only experienced ethical hackers and security professionals with a proven track record in bug bounty and penetration testing.

Good strategy only comes from reliable data.

Get instant recommendations on SEO, content marketing and advertising with auto-generated, detailed reports. Boost your online visibility within days.

No more juggling between 8 different tools

Draft, schedule and post content with a single software

Tailor-made solutions as per your need

Outcome-oriented security solutions enable clients to scale up security and protect data.

Best Penetration Testing Platform - Pentabug

Multiply your ROI with Pentabug PtaaS

Strengthen the security of your internet assets with our Pentest-as-a-Service platform that employs high-profile security researchers worldwide. Our crowdsourced security testing platform delivers the most comprehensive & continuous penetration tests with actionable outcomes and maximum ROI.

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Beyond traditional open bug bounty

Move beyond traditional open bug bounty with Pentabug’s bug bounty solution that unravels real & exploitable bugs for you.

Our highly-vetted elite crowd for your bug bounty program ensures your team gets the real and exploitable security vulnerabilities.

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End-to-end management of your responsible disclosure 

Ensure peace of mind with Pentabug's managed vulnerability disclosure program that provides end-to-end management. Launch your responsible disclosure with one easy step and eliminate unwanted stress. The program simplifies operational burdens giving you the highest quality of service.

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