Pentabug on-boarding process: How do we choose the best from the crowd?

Engaging the best researchers and bug bounty hunters to find security vulnerability in the critical applications.
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Pentabug strives to bring the best from across the globe to ensure the best quality security testing for the companies. The Pentabug Red Team consists of only the best of the batch. All the interested security researchers have to pass through a meticulous and challenging vetting process before they are on-boarded. This process ensures that the service quality remains uncompromised. 

Pentabug follows the following six step vetting process to ensure the best security for the company:


Applications and resumes are received, critically analysed, and reviewed by the Pentabug’s Researcher Onboarding Team. It is made certain that there are no biases and the whole process is auditable. All the claims made in the resume are cross-verified. 

Applicants with demonstrated work experience and related achievements are successfully qualified for the next round whereas applicants with suspicious activities or social media presence are disqualified.


Security researchers are asked to perform a vulnerability assessment and penetration on the Pentabug hosted labs. The labs are vulnerable to OWASP top 10 security vulnerabilities and are designed to evaluate researchers' skill sets. The hackers need to submit the technical assessment report to the Pentabug community team to be eligible for the next round.


Qualified applicants proceed to appear for a technical and behavioral interview. The assessment can be conducted through a telephonic or video interview. Researchers’ technical skills will be judged along with the approach to the required work.

Candidates who fulfill the required knowledge and experience criteria along with the understanding of responsibility will be selected for the next stage. Those whose answers conflict with the content present on resumes will be eliminated.


Identity verification along with criminal background checks will be completed by an authorized third party. The candidate can pass the round only when all background and ID checks are cleared. If any discrepancy is found, the candidate is eliminated immediately from the vetting process. 


Eligible participants are bound to sign a legal document that clearly states the responsibilities and activities they can perform. This formal document ensures the safety and security of the assets of the company.


The qualified participant finally becomes a part of the Pentabug Red Team and is boarded by the Pentabug Researcher Onboarding Team. The researcher is monitored for the first 30 days for their activities. The team makes the onboarding process easy and impactful for the researcher.

Pentabug Red Team is a group of best chosen amongst the crowd and hence, can be completely trusted. If you are also looking for a challenge, come to join Pentabug Red Team. You can submit your application right now for joining Pentabug.