Responsible Disclosure Program : Need of the Companies

Collect and acknowledge the security vulnerabilities from the ethical hackers with Pentabug.
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Increasing passion among security researchers to explore digital assets and attempt to find vulnerabilities may become a boon for your company. But this can happen only if you provide a safe roadway for them to reach you out. What if Alice discovered a bug in your website but could not find a valid email address to reach you and sent it to someone with a similar address? The vulnerability will be exposed to a member of the general public and now, the amount of risk associated with the situation has become very high. You may be getting a lot of bug reports over multiple emails and this could lead to a chaos where you do not know which one should you address first and some reports might go missing. To avoid such a mess, and implement hassle-free security, you need to make sure that the security researcher finds the process to reach you simple, report their findings and receive a response. This brings the need for a Responsible Disclosure Program.

Responsible Disclosure Program with Pentabug provides a lucid process to report discovered vulnerabilities safely and directly to the company. It is a structured framework that makes the task easy for both the company as well as the researcher. Scroll to know more!

Experience the change with Pentabug

Pentabug’s Responsible Disclosure Program ensures that you do not have to worry anymore about managing vulnerabilities. The Pentabug Platform makes the process organized and smooth so that the security is never compromised. High competency, industry standards, and a thoughtful management approach bring the positive change that your company will feel. 

The Workflow of Pentabug’s RDP

Pentabug - Responsible disclosure program workflow

Why should you launch your responsible disclosure program with Pentabug now?

- Safeguard your digital assets 

Secure your company with the help of experienced professionals and experience the change and growth

- On-demand access to verified security professionals

Get agile access to experienced and 100% vetted with a 6-steps on-boarding process security researchers

- Smooth procedure for responsible disclosure 

Make it stress-free and easier for the security researcher to securely report the bug they discover.

- Respond quickly to bugs

The quick response from the company ensures security awareness and also encourages the researcher to keep going

- Easy to manage

Manage all the vulnerabilities at one place and eliminate the stress of collecting and managing vulnerabilities over multiple email addresses. 

The Responsible Disclosure Program with Pentabug allows your business to stay updated and secure in an organized manner to ensure a smooth workflow. So, leave the stress behind and take your company forward.

Launch your Responsible Disclosure Program with Pentabug now and experience the change.