Why every CTO must include hacker-driven Penetration testing in their security plan?

Get access to hundreds of experienced & vetted security professionals/researchers to strengthen your company's security on the pay-per-bug model.
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Businesses across the globe unanimously face suspicion of facing a cyberattack. While no sector has been spared by cybercriminals, those which involve people’s personal lives are at a higher risk of being targeted by hackers. Such sectors include banks, financial institutions, healthcare institutions, corporations, and educational institutions. One common myth is that only small businesses with low-security standards become the victims of cyber attacks. However, recent attacks on big tech giants like GoDaddy prove that everyone is under the radar be it an emerging startup or a well-established company.

With the steeply increasing risk of cyberattacks, security measures need to be up all around the clock. This is what brings the need for change in existing cybersecurity testing models. The advanced solution to the problems is Penetration Testing as a Service, also known as Pentest-as-a-Service or PTasS.

What is Pentesting as a service? 

Before jumping into PtaaS, we need to understand the meaning of standard Penetration Testing, better known as Pentest. Pentest is an authorized simulated cyber attack performed for the purpose of detecting vulnerabilities in the system. The pentester attempts to break into the system by detecting and exploiting vulnerabilities. 

Pentesting as a service is a service that provides crowd-based resources for performing on-demand and continuous penetration tests from outside the organization. It automates several parts of the pentesting process and allows ethical hackers to hack into the applications or network. These programs are customizable, making them industry-friendly. Every organisation can customise it as per their security needs and financial allowance. PTaaS helps in framing a wholesome picture of a system's security as it allows users a combination of both automated and human-driven services.

Why must CTOs include PtaaS?

- Pentest as a service provides on-demand and agile access to a global community of certified and experienced pentesters who work tirelessly to keep your security measures up to date by combining manual efforts and automated techniques. Automated capability leads to continuous and seamless testing.

- Real time reports alert users about the problem as soon as they arise. Higher accuracy and negligible false positive rate because of the intelligence of the platform.

- Financial pressure is eliminated because PTaaS are mostly managed with monthly fixed bills that allows prior planning from a business perspective along with predictability. It is also more cost effective in comparison to traditional pentesting.

- Integration with software's tech stack is a big advantage of PTaaS. It enables companies to detect and fix security flaws during the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) release cycle. This brings the development and security team closer in a mission of secure development.

How can Pentabug help?

Pentabug ultimately goes further beyond the traditional Penetration testing, by incorporating it as a feature and not solely depending on it. Pentabug is a platform for Pentesting as a Service that strived to ensure security by providing reward-driven security testing with highly skilled, verified, and trusted ethical hackers. The crowd at Pentabug provides a wider range of expertise, ensuring that you get the skills needed for your assets.

The members of the Pentabug Red Team are highly skilled and experienced security researchers from around the globe. HRT members are 100% vetted for skill and confidentiality with a 6-step vetting process that goes beyond bug bounty's identification/background checks. 

You can trust Pentabug because:

- 400% coverage than traditional penetration testing methods. 

- a 100+ wide security checklist provides wider security to your assets.

- Security testing by hundreds of highly experienced and vetted security professionals/researchers from around the globe.

- Submission validation by Pentabug triage team, so you get only valid and exploitable security vulnerabilities at the end.

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